Issue Four

Abstract: Issue Four, an open topics issue, features four peer reviewed essays: Josef Benson’s “Ralph Whiteman as White Construction in ‘Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?’” explores issues of white hetero-masculinity and victimology; Katarina Polonsky considers how issues of masculinity and domestic space affect the central characters in “Neighbors” and “Collectors”; Joseph Kappes examines how an early Carver story, “Bicycles, Muscles, and Cigarettes,” employs deferred narratives of knowledge and identity; and Molly Fuller compares Carver’s original and Gordon Lish’s edited versions of “Why Don’t You Dance?” to examine the effects following the disruption of the author’s “intention and narrative thrust.” RCR editor Robert Miltner offers reviews of recent publications in Carver studies: The Poetry of Raymond Carver: Against the Current by Sandra Lee Kleppe; The Visual Poetics of Raymond Carver by Ayala Amir; Critical Insights: Raymond Carver, edited by James Plath, Editor; Not Far From Here: The Paris Symposium on Raymond Carver edited by Vasiliki Fachard and Robert Miltner; and Carver Across the Curriculum: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching the Fiction and Poetry of Raymond Carver edited by Paul Benedict Grant and Katherine Ashley.